Artist Coalition Update

14 01 2011

The first meeting was tasteful. It was only Becky, Kate, and myself (Nicole) that showed. Although we were few, we made the best out of our meeting. We discussed some potential public art projects and brainstormed a lot about things we can do in the neighborhood to beautify it up a little. We hope to spruce up the Johnson Park (Johnson St. & Summer St., Houston, TX). We would love to be able to fill in the second half of the basketball courts with concrete and replace the rims. We’re not quite sure how to go about this large project, so if any of you have suggestions or the hook-ups, we would greatly appreciate any help.

I am also going to begin my first yarn-bombing project (which was also brainstormed). I am currently in the process of taking a lyric from a mewithoutyou song (Carousels, Catch For Us The Foxes) and making it into a knitting pattern. It will take me quite a while, since it is very tedious, but it will be amazing once it is done and knit! Here’s the rough picture of what I’d like it to look like…

Stay tuned to see how next week went!




First Ward Artist Coalition

5 01 2011

Nicole is starting an Artist Coalition in Houston’s First Ward. They will be meeting every Tuesday from 4-6pm, starting Jan. 11th, at the Texas Art Asylum.

Mission Statement:

To provide a place for local artists and artisans to be welcomed into a environment of creative exploration. To join in on a discussion about public art, the needs in our community – the community of Houston’s First Ward, and how to address them in a creative way. And last, but definitely not least, to create together, discuss projects and formulate friendships with other artists.

We hope to see you out there!


Good Fences in the First Ward

14 12 2010

A movement of community in the First Ward.

After all, Good Fences make good neighbors, right?